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Prior to founding DCC, I was on the client side as a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer and director of marketing of a global manufacturing company. In my roles, I was charged with innovation, driving growth, creating value and working with our agency partner.

It’s 2000. I’m 30 years old. Sitting in a booth at Decatur’s Peking’s Chinese restaurant — venting my frustrations about agencies. “None of the agencies could actually deliver on their promise. Start with the big guns and then delivered junior mints with no real, business insights or strategic value.

They don’t bother to know or learn the business resulting in ineffective and immeasurable work. No leadership and a lack of ideas and measurable insights. The creative had no message strategy and the recommended distribution channels were more about their commissions then our business or consumers. It seemed at every turn they still didn’t get it which translated to consistently late and over budget. Total lack of commitment to the partnership or relationship for long term business success. And then it hit me. If I couldn’t find the partner I wanted, I’d become the partner I needed.

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