what do we do

We stimulate demand1 and create value2 for your products, services and stakeholders.

  1. Stimulate demand: the process of translating consumer needs, motives and behavior into measurable initiatives that achieve your brand and business goals.
  2. Create value: combining data-driven insight, industry expertise and analytical firepower to sell today and increase brand value over time.

We know what your customers are saying, doing, and thinking about your products, services.

Search and Decision Continuum

We analyze and apply the data which best connects your goals and value proposition to the unique needs, motives and behaviors specic to your target’s stage of the Search and Decision Continuum.

We understand how best to communicate with your target to drive measureable results.

PESO-R Media Model

(Paid • Earned • Shared • Owned • Retail)

We know their preferred applications and devices and have the expertise and experience to push fully integrated initiaitves that satisfy client and consumer needs and behavior.

A radically different approach, DCC applys the PESO-R model to help identify and measure the meaningful KPIs so you can effectively evaluate the ROI by channel.

By integrating our marketing, advertising, brand, analytics and search practices, we have effectively streamlined and enhanced the speed and effectiveness of our process and programs — resulting in many industry 1st and notable PESO-R campaigns distributed where, when and how your target consumes it.

reasons to believe

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